For people living with unresolved pain, it’s more than just physical. The consequences can permeate one’s entire life. The ability to function, the capacity to work, the opportunity to live with dignity. All can be compromised.?

We believe pain should not define someone’s life. We believe we must do better.?

At Lilly, we are sparking a new conversation about unresolved pain. A conversation that challenges us to tackle the uniquely complex scientific and societal challenges of recurrent and chronic pain, including migraine, episodic cluster headache and osteoarthritis pain. To do so, we are committed to advancing the innovative science, policies and non-opioid medicines needed to reshape and enable a better approach to comprehensive pain management and treatment outcomes.?

Progress in Migraine Care: Much to Celebrate, Much to Do

Advancements Reduce Burden

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Pursuit of Innovations in Pain Management

Searching for New Treatments

Elixir Podcast: The Complexity of Pain

Pain is a uniquely complex problem. As many of us know, pain does not discriminate. It’s personal. It’s subjective, and it affects everyone differently. Pain is also an incredibly challenging area to research because of how subjective it can be. Now, new advances in digital health may offer scientists the ability to gain more insight on the course of pain. In this episode, Joe talks to Seth Ginsberg, a health policy advocate and entrepreneur. Hear what factors led him to co-found?CreakyJoints, the first online patient community for people suffering from arthritis. Joe also talks to one?our?of own Lilly scientists, Dr. Mark?Mintun, about why pain has proven to be such a challenging area to research.

Our motivation is to redefine what’s possible for people living with acute and chronic pain – to help them live without compromise. With new science comes new hope and with new hope, comes new expectations.

Patrik JonssonSenior Vice President and President, Lilly Bio-Medicines

Pursuit of Innovations in Pain Management

Mark Mintun, vice president of pain and neurodegeneration at Lilly, talks about the search for new medicines to treat pain and the challenges that can limit it. Considering the unmet need that people living with recurrent and chronic pain may experience, now more than ever, innovation in the field of pain management is a must.