Cancer Care Beyond Medicine

Eli Lilly and Company ?|?May 26, 2020

Just as we’ve learned cancer treatment often requires more than one medicine,?we understand?that caring for people with this complex disease must go?beyond?medicine. At Lilly Oncology, we believe?this is?crucial to reaching?our goal?of making?a meaningful difference in the lives of those living with cancer.

Lilly goes beyond medicine – often in partnership with experts in advocacy or supplemental care – by providing support for patients, caregivers and advocates?that ranges from emotional or inspirational to educational and practical.

Our?Oncology on Canvas? invites anyone affected by cancer to tell their story through art and narrative. These stories, many of which can be found on our?online art gallery, offer hope, inspiration and courage to others facing the challenges of illness.?We encourage everyone in?the cancer community to share?today.

For those looking for?in-person support when we’re able to be physically together again, Lilly sponsors?a number of?advocacy?events,?including?Shine a Light on Lung Cancer?with the Go2Foundation.?Shine a Light?community gatherings?bring together?survivors, caregivers and loved ones to share personal stories?as well as learn about the latest research and treatment options.?

Sometimes care is simply offering space to rest, as Lilly Oncology did sponsoring the first-ever lounge for patients and their advocates at the?San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS).?The meeting is widely attended by patient-advocates,?many of them actively in treatment, and our?aim was to provide these people?a place to?take a break?from the busy meeting with a snack or lunch to discuss presented data or just catch up.?

Care beyond medicine is not always tied to?where you are,?though,?as evidenced by the online?30-Day Thriver Challenge, a?Lilly-led?opportunity for?those with metastatic breast cancer (MBC)?to share mindfulness activities, life tips and support?for each other?via social media?while raising awareness and funds for MBC.?

Whether recently diagnosed, living with the disease, or supporting a loved one, Lilly Oncology wants to help people by advancing cancer treatments as quickly as possible, but also through cancer care that goes beyond?medicine. For other helpful resources, including how to connect with advocacy organizations and ways to learn about insurance and financial assistance, visit?