Office of Alliance Management

In the race to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines, nothing is more important – or more challenging – than harnessing the power of partnerships.

At all organizational levels and across functional and geographic boundaries, alliance teams must define common goals, agree on strategy and tactics, and tackle tough issues as they arise.?

Anyone who's been through the process knows that's easier said than done. The complexity of implementing a strategic alliance while striving to achieve independent objectives can overwhelm even the strongest companies and individuals. And experience tells us that when alliances aren't actively led and supported, entire partnerships and their potential value to both firms are jeopardized.?

With so much invested in – and with so much riding on – today’s collaborations, allowing a strategic alliance to run itself is simply not an option. To succeed, companies must access and apply the specialized alliance management capabilities, expertise, and decision-making tools that will enable them to maximize the value of partnered assets.?